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habitually adv
1 according to routine or established practice; "he routinely parked in a no-parking zone" [syn: routinely]
2 according to habit or custom; "her habitually severe expression"; "he habitually keeps his office door closed"

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  1. occurring regularly or usually.
    Professor Franklein is habitually pessimistic.

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occurring regularly or usually

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again and again, as a rule, as per usual, as things go, as usual, chiefly, chronically, commonly, consistently, customarily, frequently, generally, in many instances, inveterately, mainly, many a time, many times, most often, mostly, naturally, normally, normatively, not infrequently, not seldom, oft, often, often enough, oftentimes, ofttimes, ordinarily, persistently, prescriptively, recurringly, regularly, repeatedly, repetitively, routinely, to be expected, unseldom, usually, whenever you wish, wontedly
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